5 Things You Need in Your Closet for Spring


1.THE CLASSIC BLAZER. Dress it up or dress it down, it’s still your favorite way to make a statement wherever you are. This season look for collarless blazers with long clean lines to pair with anything from jeans to tulle skirts.

2. PLEATED SKIRT. Not your mother’s pleats, more like your cool collected older sister’s. It’s the little detail that makes a big difference pulling a look together. Long or short, pleats are in, and we’re not arguing!

3. CHAMBRAY BUTTON DOWN. Your favorite golden boy chambray top is now trending. So button your collar baby because you’ve been ahead of the curve and already know all the ways to rock it. Tuck it in or let it hang, it’s the flexible look that’s as fun as it is comfortable.

4. SKINNY SCARVES. Skinny cow, skinny lattes, and now skinny scarves??? Don’t worry ladies; this look is anything but on a diet. There are tons of ways to rock it, and we’ve got your back for all of them. Tutorial coming soon!!

5. TYING NECKLINE. Coming to you quick from NYFW is the classy look we just can’t get enough of. Wear it once and become addicted to the elegance.

Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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