10 Most Fashionable Women on Netflix

1. IRIS APFEL. When your closet gets featured as an exhibit at the Met, you know you’ve made it among the style gods. This fashion legend and girl boss business woman has been rocking out of this world style for 94 years from the streets of NYC to the white house, to the homes of her myriad of celebrity friends. Watch the documentary Iris, and learn from the guru herself. 

2. JOAN HARRIS. If all of us projected the same confidence, style, and body image as this Mad Men diva, the world would be a much better place. Sexy and self-assured, her fitted pencil skirts and busty boldness mark the evolution of both women’s fashion and their place in the business world. 

3. RACHEL GREEN. The 90s icon that’s still trending. From riches to rags to Ralph Lauren, we followed her outfits almost as religiously as her relationships. Now if we can apply her pregnancy advice to getting dressed every morning, “No uterus, no opinion.”

4. PRINCESS DIANA. She takes our  “dressing like a princess” aspirations past the age of ten. Watch Diana, for the story and style we can never get enough of.

5. OLIVIA POPE. Clean, collected, and killin it. In a world overrun with Scandal, her wardrobe stays calm with a fresh color palette and heels as sharp as her wit. Follow the drama for some serious professional dress inspiration. 

6. JESSICA DAY. We’ve all been the New Girl at some point, but you’re lucky if you survived the experience looking half as dashing as Zooey Deschanel’s quirky protagonist. Bows, a-lines, and lots of polka dots; this relatable lady dresses vintage trends with a modern flare. 

7. GRACE KELLEY. Binge watch her style in her movies OR watch Nicole Kidman’s interpretation in Grace of Monaco.  Either way, the elegance is timeless, and the etiquette is enchanting. 

8. CLAIRE UNDERWOOD. Her morals are questionable, and her politics are cut throat, but her wardrobe, if I may say so, is FLAWLESS. Catch the clean lines and cold looks on Netflix’s original series House of Cards. 

9. JACKIE BURKHART. The 70s style icon no one wants to let go of. Grab your bell-bottoms and rainbow stripes and follow her on a journey to “meet some cute boys and crush their hearts one by one.” 

10. NESSA STEIN. She turned heads around the world when she altered her family’s arms business into a technical effort to create peace between Palestine and Israel. We can all learn a little something from her foreign policy balls and her daring style. 

Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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