Lazy Girl’s Guide to Spring Cleaning



The season of lovers and pollen has arrived, a little early, in sunny Jacksonville. With it come some of my favorite things: garage sales, Easter candy, and spring cleaning. If you don’t share my enthusiasm for the latter, prepare to be persuaded. I am convinced there is a fabulously organized clean freak in all of us. Mine happens to be hidden under unanswered emails, two weeks of laundry, and a voice mail I stubbornly refuse to set up (sorry, Mom). Yours may be more or less under the surface, but it’s never a bad idea to let her out to work some magic once in a while. Here’s why and how to Spring Clean the dust bunnies right out of this season.

1.OPEN IT UP. Give your AC a break and crank open those windows. Nothing brightens up a home, or an attitude, like nature’s composition of birds, bees, and breeze.

2. GO FLORAL. Whether you buy, pick, or paint them, flowers are my favorite and most fragrant way to get into the spring cleaning mood.

3. PLAY YOUR JAM. We’ve all got that one song, or album, that gets our blood moving no matter what (ahem, Stevie Wonder, My Cherie Amour).

4. DIG. You heard me. Grab your gardening gloves and shovels because you’re going deep into your wardrobe. Sixty T-shirts you never wear? Cut the collection in half. The dress you’re waiting to fit into again? Add it to the pile. Minimizing your closet can be, quite literally, enlightening.

5. DONATE. The best part about downsizing your belongings is realizing that you don’t even miss them. Give to your local goodwill, sell them to a Plato’s closet, or bring the pieces you can’t live without to MOMNI for quality alterations!

6. PLAY INTERIOR DESIGNER. Phone a friend for some extra muscle and see what your couch looks like on the opposite side of the room. You’ll find and do the cleaning that’s been on your list for ages, but now it’s part of a more exciting project.

7. GET RID OF THE ICKIES. I’m not going to mention any names, but someone I know just cleaned out their Thanksgiving leftovers last week. Now whether you’ve reached that layer of laziness or not, we’ve all got some science experiments growing in some jar somewhere that we’re not so proud of. So if you wouldn’t dare smell it, let alone eat it, then pitch it. Trust me; it can be life changing. A friend told me.

8. BREW. Get yourself a cup of whatever you’re into, take a seat, and revel in the new feng shui. It may not feel this good again until next Spring.

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