Diary of a Tea Party: Part One

DSC_0287 (1).jpgDSC_0227DSC_0914 (2)DSC_0900 (1)DSC_0450DSC_0247DSC_0210DSC_0399.jpgDSC_0409

Putting Look Books together is a lot like trying to pick the right quote to put in your Instagram profile. It creates the image you invite the world to see you through. But how do you find a quote or a photo that encompasses exactly how versatile and effeminate and sassy and chic you are?  You don’t. You change, and change often; and the light of your personality comes through in the changes. This Look Book, we changed up a lot. More models, fewer outfits, a different photographer, and an entire set built by yours truly.

I sought out Spring colors in minimalist fixtures, which were achieved by using glass and wooden plate ware, contrasted with bright (and local) fruit and flowers. I also wanted the set up to be affordable and minimally-wasteful. Everything used for the shoot, and the intimate after party, I either owned or borrowed. Nothing was thrown away, and only the candlestick boxes and pie tin were recycled. In the end, it only costed around $50 for food and flowers, and about 6 hours of preparation time to clean, collect, and bake all of the pieces involved. If you want to see photos of the styled shoot and the six-hour long tea party that followed, come to the blog later this week for a peek at the Look Book shoot in its entirety!

For the Key Lime Pie recipe, see Nellie & Joe’s super easy Key Lime Pie Recipe.

For beautiful flowers and seasonal produce, visit Down to Earth Farm’s produce stand at RAM every Saturday in Riverside.

Special thanks to Hannah Knighton, Chloe Lyden, Michelle Hanes, and Mary Kreis for their many contributions to the setup.

Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photos by Mary Kreis.








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