Diary of a Tea Party: Part Two

DSC_0367.jpgDSC_0069.jpgDSC_0659.jpgDSC_0599.jpgDSC_0080DSC_0510DSC_0985.jpgDSC_0650DSC_0783 (1).jpgDSC_0198.jpgDSC_0013.jpg

My job is made a lot easier by the people I share it with. That includes both my team of talented and supportive coworkers as well as the many friends whose beauty I borrow for shoots on an almost weekly basis. Using models who we know and love to be marvelous people creates an ambiance of comfort and bliss in each of our shoots. And at a tea party, bliss is a priority.

As models filtered into my tiny Riverside apartment Saturday afternoon, my day’s work began to feel real. The moody sky had decided not to rain on me, and I looked down my second story window to see an enchanting Spring set waiting for us. The natural rush of double checking makeup and briefing outfits commenced, and all at once we were shooting. Per usual, the fake laughs began awkwardly and ended loudly as each model fell into her own routine of soft smiles and summer radiance. Directing poses and offering up tacky jokes, I couldn’t suppress some pride in what our little team had put together.

Even as the shoot ended and dresses were returned to their racks, my giddiness persisted. More friends pushed through the creaky gate to our charming backyard, and the real party began. Clinks of mason jars and flickers of candle light echoed off my ivy covered fence under cover of neighboring Magnolia trees. Tanned legs sat folded under the stories we told, reminiscing the feeling that would make this so memorable. And as the last of the melted wax met the tablecloth, we crawled inside with tired promises to do this again, to create more of these charming nights.

Browse more photos and outfits from this Look Book and others here!!

Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photos by Mary Kreis.


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