The MOMNI Fashion Show: All Questions Answered



There’s been a halo of buzz circling the topic of our Fashion Show coming up next month, and we’ve been basking in its light. Having just celebrated our sixth month anniversary, we are ready and anxious to treat the ladies & gents of Jax with this momentous event. We cannot wait to see the MOMNI community all in one place and in awe of the night we’re putting together for you. But first, we understand you have a few questions for us. And we have answers.

When is the Fashion Show?

Thursday, May 5th. Doors Open at 7 pm and the show starts at 8 pm, but you’ll want to be there early to grab your Black Sheep drinks and hours d’oeuvres, gift bags, and prime seats.

Where is the Fashion Show?

We’ll be hosting this memorable night at the Garden Club of Jacksonville, just 5 minutes from the shop in Riverside. The gorgeous location will showcase our gorgeous guests and ensembles perfectly. Parking will be available parallel to the building on Post Street, as well as in the venue’s river lot.

How much are tickets?

Tickets are $40/1 ticket or $100/4 ticket bundle. So grab all your friends and bring the whole squad for the best bang for your buck. They are available for purchase in the shop in Murray Hill or on our website, here.

What should I expect when I attend?

Expect to be blown away! The show includes 20 models who will each model 1 outfit from each of our 4, very special collections. You’ll be the first to view our much-anticipated summer inventory, be treated to gift bags with all the best goodies of Jax, and become the first ever crew of MOMNI VIPs. We are pulling out all the stops to treat you all, and can’t wait to see your reactions.

What does the MOMNI VIP thing mean??

Attendance to the show grants each guest MOMNI VIP status for an entire year after the Fashion Show. That means 10% off all your MOMNI purchases for an entire year, AND the discount is stack-able on top of any other promotions, so get ready to save and save big.

Is this event a fundraiser?

A portion of the profits will go toward local charity, Year Up. The foundation supports young women of Jacksonville, who need help and support to find jobs, put resumes together, and pursue their educations. Except the donation will not be in money but in store credit! Year Up girls will be treated to a lesson in business-professional dressing, as well as an outfit of their choice.

What else will my ticket get me?

Not only are you getting the scoop on Jacksonville fashion, drinks and yummies from the best restaurant in town, a hefty Jax exclusive gift bag, one of a kind entertainment, and the opportunity to support the next generation of Jax go-getter women, you’ll also become a part of the magnificent community of MOMNI women. Come to the show and let the little Boutique Next Door bring real-world fashion to your neighborhood, as only we can do.

Get your tickets on our website today!

Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photos by Stefanie Keeler.





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