Last Thursday, the little Boutique Next Door hosted an momentous event for the Jacksonville fashion scene. You may have heard us mention the event once, twice, or a hundred times. We’re happy to announce that after all the anticipation and hard work, it was a tremendous success. We’d like to thank every lovely somebody who came out to support and admire our dazzling occasion. It’s hard to believe that our first fashion show is already behind us and that after months of meticulous planning it was over in the blink of an eye.

Already a week later and our little team is still glowing with pride. Our hard work has more than paid off; it’s elevated our intimate team to a novel level of confidence and growth. We may already be planning for next year’s bigger and better event, but we’d like to take a little time to savor the success. Browse these stunning shots by our in-house photographer Stefanie Keeler, and stay tuned for another post this week featuring the show in its entirety (20 models, 80 outfits, over 300 darling guests).


Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photos by Stefanie Keeler.

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