Mind of Marble & Pine


One weekday spent styling an elegant bridal shoot, one coaching weightlifting, and one building bouquets for the luckiest brides in North Florida. That’s a week in the life of Chandler Williams, owner and entrepreneur behind floral studio Marble&Pine. I sat down with her last week in Murray Hill’s Knead Bakeshop to sip some lattes and ask her about the life of a weightlifting florist business owner.

Originally from Cincinnati, Chandler came to Jacksonville for a six-month missionary in 2012. Soon after, she met her husband Parker and worked a series of small creative jobs while pursuing what she thought would be her life’s work: photography. Chandler followed that work all the way to California to build her portfolio, and it was there that she was introduced to floristry. Soon after meeting her best flower friend Janelle, she began her first florist internship and quickly fell in love. Working weddings made her see the role of flowers in a whole new way, and soon the idea for Marble and Pine was born.

“I feel satisfied with my work knowing that I can produce something so special to my clients by working with my hands. Making something beautiful from nothing, something that no one’s made before… is a lot more enjoyable than editing photos,” she tells me. More than just making centerpieces, she describes her trade lovingly. “Every wedding is different. It’s about telling a story to each client more than replicating a Pinterest board.” She laughs telling me that wedding day Chandler is the happiest Chandler you’ll meet, “Positive energy is the best thing I can bring to any wedding, it gives reassurance to all preparations.”

Marble and Pine became a reality in September of last year when Chandler and her husband moved back to Jacksonville and has quickly grown into her expectations. When I ask her about long-term goals, she tells me she’s already met most of them (getting her own studio and a steady number of clients) and is focusing on continuing growth in the business’s first year. It’s not all painless, and it takes equal parts hard work and her naturally easy-going faith through the chaos of the wedding business to keep this girl boss killing the game. Her advice for women wanting to start a business? “Do it. It takes will power, and you just have to jump head first, but you can’t be afraid. The worst thing that happens is having to freelance or pick up another job to keep the dream going, but at the end of the day, you’ll find the money to make it happen.”

Find Chandler squatting weights at Bold City Cross Fit Gym, sipping coffee at Brew with her husband Parker, or in her Marble&Pine studio creating timeless centerpieces. Follow the fabulous floral Instagram @marbleandpine and visit her website marbleandpine.com for inquiries.

Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photo by Amanda Lenhardt.


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