Beach Day Bliss

IMG_0453IMG_0456IMG_0685IMG_0538.jpgIMG_0590IMG_0850IMG_0785.jpgIMG_0875.jpgIMG_7784IMG_7737IMG_7925.jpgIMG_8135.jpgIMG_8089.jpgIMG_8488.jpgIMG_8531IMG_8315 (1)

Our favorite summer memories are the intimate ones: sandy smiles and giggles to the wind. That’s why we need pieces that compliment their delicate comfort and chic versatility. It’s the time of year to be playful with your style, and wear only the pieces that make you as blissful as the season. Look for subtle prints in loose, comfortable cuts and your favorite statement sunnies.  May your toes be sandy and your sundresses light, we’ll meet you at the beach.

Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photos by Mary Kreis. Modeled by Cheyenne Gulick and Elisa Pena.

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