BTS: Behind the Scenes & Back to School


Where will you be going back to school this Fall?

Morgan: I’ll be starting at Trinity Baptist College here in Jacksonville. I’ll be playing soccer there so I’ve already met a bunch of girls on the team.

Emily: I’m going to be a junior at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire.

Your favorite book?

M: I don’t like to read, which is kind of bad…but I don’t. I read magazines, I used to be obsessed with Seventeen. I’ve moved on but I’m still into all the scoop stuff.

E: Nightengale, by Kristin Hannah.

What’s the first book you ever read?

M: Charlotte’s Web. And I actually did read all of that book.

E: Eloise, by Kay Thompson.

The best part about the back to school season?

M: The best part about it is just trying to buy all of our cute stationary and stuff…which I buy all year round anyway. I love just buying all the school supplies to gte me excited for a new year.

E: Definitely the school supplies too.

What are you wearing on your first day?

M: A cute dress with a lace bralette and a pair of comfy sandals.

E: My new striped dress from MOMNI! (Stay tuned for more photos to see it!)

Modeled by Morgan Woods and Emily Gilreath. Photos and questions prepared by Mara Strobel-Lanka.




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