Model Spotlight: Michelle

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What were your first thoughts about modeling when MOMNI approached you about a shoot?

One of my first thoughts was that I was very flattered to even be considered to model for Momni. From a young age I always watched America’s Next Top Model and wanted to be a supermodel. So when I was approached, I was extremely excited.

How has your role as a model evolved?

In the beginning I was a little nervous because I wasn’t sure what kind of look Momni was going for but now I feel very comfortable modeling for them.

What’s your favorite part about being in front of the camera?

My favorite part has to be the confidence and fierceness I feel in front of the camera. When I see that the photographer is happy with the pictures it gives me so much confidence that I am doing a good job. Hitting all the different poses and angles to make sure the clothes look great for the camera is also a very fun part.

Has modeling influenced or inspired your self confidence in a negative or positive way? How so?

Modeling has definitely inspired my self confidence in a positive way. I always say everyone is beautiful in their own way and I think modeling has brought this out even more. Since I started modeling at Momni I’ve become more interested in the fashion world and noticed that models come in all shapes and sizes and every one of them is beautiful. My self-confidence is now higher because I truly now believe I am beautiful and I would love to share this message with girls who don’t feel this way.

Do you ever get nervous before shoots? 

In the beginning I did get nervous for shoots since I had never done a photo shoot in my life. Now that I have done a lot more I’ve become more confident in my poses and know what the photographers want and try to deliver it.

Do you have any goals for modeling in the future?

My goal for modeling is to create a portfolio and try to look up some modeling agencies in Jacksonville to perhaps pursue my dream of becoming a model. I would love to model for some big named companies like H & M or J Crew or even high fashion publications like Vogue. When it comes to shoots I would love to do more high fashion shoots involving big ball gowns and fierce make up.

Thank you to MOMNI's top model Michelle Hanes for answering all of our questions. 
Photos by Amber Nicole Photography. Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka.


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