Staff Notes: Mara


It was an itty bitty small world story that brought me aboard the MOMNI team a whole year ago now. One that taught me maybe, sometimes, the things that I couldn’t explain in my life before happened exactly the way they were meant to.  It’s mushy and gushy and totally true. How else could I explain that I ran into my favorite camp counselor from my Michigan roots ten years later in Jacksonville, that she asked me to paint window displays for a new shop in town, that I was offered a little part time shop girl job and that it turned into my whole life?

In the year since we opened, I’ve watched a small business transform from a community secret into a city-wide buzz brand. I’ve watched our small team of women grow in numbers and in savvy. I’ve watched our brand evolve from what we think people want to what we know reflects our identity. And I’ve watched myself develop from a bumbling college drop-out into a passionate, hustling (dare I say) girl boss. Working under the glowing mentorship of Owner Joy and Creative Director Alexis has been the best experience of my adult life. With their guidance, expertise, and generous trust shining over me, I’ve learned how to curate a brand image, how to lead a business meeting, how to direct a fashion show, how to dress for the part I want in the world, how to follow my instincts, and how to become a woman I admire.

An eternity of hard work went by an instant to find our little team at this Anniversary celebration. From photo shoots to fashion shows, pop up shops to anniversary parties; we never seem to find ourselves empty of projects.  The boutique next door in Murray Hill has accomplished more than we ever imagined possible this time last year, and we’re far from done. Come to Murray Hill and celebrate with us tomorrow from 10 am -2 pm and enjoy treats, toasts, deals, and the atmosphere that surrounds a place this special.

Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photos by Stefanie Keeler.




1 thought on “Staff Notes: Mara”

  1. Mara, what a wonderful story! People and experiences at meant to make you Learn, to make you stronger, more resilient, and more ready to take in the next curve balls of life! I am also a true believer that the path we are put on leads us to who and where we are supposed to be and if you try to force yourself to another path you won’t truely experience what was meant for you! I am so proud of all of your accomplishments!

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