The Importance of Shopping Small


Despite the “Dirty Duval” identity, we can all admit to be proud to be a part of the Jacksonville community. We’re made up of all sorts of people, all sorts of places, and all sorts of entrepreneurs. We survive the heat and the hurricanes not just because we coexist, but because we support one another. The holiday season is one of of the best times to get reconnected with your neighbors near and far. Celebrate Small Business Saturday on November 26th, and keep your hard earned nickels and dimes within the Duval county lines and building up our bold city. There are a million reasons to shop local, but here are our top five.

  1. Building the local economy.
    Did you know local businesses are more likely to support other local businesses? The more money you spend locally, the more money is moving in your local economy.
  2. Invest in your neighbors.
    When you shop locally, you’re investing in the talented and passionate individuals who make our town better. You’re also putting food on the table and money in the bank for people right next to you, not thousands of corporate miles away.  
  3. Stay connected with your community.
    You’re much more likely to remember a good experience shopping locally and purchasing from passionate business owners than from employees trained from a manual. Your’re also more likely to connect with friends and neighbors who love and support the same people, places, and products.
  4. Shop for greater quality.
    We all want to get the most bang for our buck. Shopping local may add a few dollars to your bill, but it’s also apt to add a few more years to the products lifetime as well.
  5. Develop some character.
    Urban Outfitters and West Elms do not a unique community make. What makes Jax special are the corners and hangouts that you can’t find anywhere else. 

To start, you can stop by our Small Business Saturday event in Murray Hill and enjoy 25-35% off your entire purchase, as well as local treats from the Jayne Dough food truck and hand crafted holiday wreaths from The Wilding Collective.

Writing by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photos by Stefanie Keeler.

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