Friendsgiving: Moral of the Story


There’s something about Fall, about friendships, and about gatherings that feels a little like magic. Call me sentimental or what you will, but even in the commercialized Christmas frenzy that modern holidays have become, there’s still the quintessential sense of kinship underneath all the Black Friday deals and mass produced stocking stuffers. It’s the time of year we’re all reminded of who and what mean the most to us, and of where we feel most at home (okay so call me very sentimental).

Friendsgiving is the ideal opportunity to bring the most meaningful pieces of your life all to the same table, to sit, overeat, and honor the people you share your world with. Mine was no exception. As I danced around my tiny duplex apartment stirring pots and filling drinks, a warmth filled my heart that had only a little to do with the champagne. An admittedly basic playlist hung in the air (Spotify’s Dinner Party by Starbucks, 10/10 would recommend) muffled sporadically with bursts of laughter and my trademark panic attacks that I burnt something important (I have never to this day burnt anything, but somehow cook in constant fear). We packed nine girls into my 4×4′ kitchen, held Instagram photo shoots, took selfies, and talked about what we’re grateful for, what we love, what we want to change in the world, what’s changed us. It was both basic and authentic, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way.

If you didn’t already need an excuse to make Thanksgiving last a whole week longer, here’s the moral of the story: you only get as much time as you make to spend with the people you love, so you better make a lot.

Writing & Styling by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photos by Stefanie Keeler.
 Flowers by The Wiliding Collective. Makeup by Mary Kreis. Baked Goods by Community Loaves. 

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