New Wonders: Your Resolutions Simplified

New Years Eve is coming around the corner quick and we can already hear the empty promises and forgotten gym memberships rolling along with it. Resolutions seem to have gotten a bad rap as of late, but I’d like to clear up that reinventing your habits and lifestyle to begin a new year is a charmingly splendid idea. Making promises to yourself can be a wonderful, frustrating, challenging process; and you shouldn’t short yourself that process by writing it off as a bad cliche. Hold your eye rolls in 2017 and give yourself a chance. To make the new-year-new-me thing easier, we made a guide for how to make resolutions that will stick. Give it a whirl and good luck in your new wonders!

  1. Choose a daily habit to take care of yourself. Maybe you want to start taking a daily vitamin with breakfast. Maybe you want to stretch it out before your morning shower. Maybe you want to cut your daily dose to one cup of coffee.  Maybe you want to wash your dishes right away instead of letting them pile up for, um, a while. Maybe you want to get in the habit of taking one photo a day. It doesn’t have to be big or world-changing, it just has to take care of number one.
  2. Choose a huge goal. The bigger, the better. If losing twenty pounds or getting engaged is it for you, go get it girl. If you’re thinking a little more outside the box, that’s fabulous. The point is to pick something you’ve never done before, commit, and do it. Plan the girls weekend get away everyone’s been wanting to do for like, forever. Travel outside of the country for the first time. Give vegetarianism a try. Dye your hair platinum or red or blue or pink. If we watched every year go by without any big changes, we’d get pretty bored with living. So pick something big, and entertain yourself.
  3. Choose something for the planet. It’s a big, beautiful world we live in and our lifestyles tend to forget we only have one to live on. Choose a resolution that’ll help you be kinder to this sweet earth, and lessen your impact on its destruction. Stop buying bottled water. Opt for meatless Mondays. Invest and commit to reusable shopping bags. There are soo many ways to start and each one of them makes a difference, you just have to pick one.
  4. Choose something to loose. There is no way you want to keep everything from this mess of a year, so pick something to cut out of your life for the better. Whether it’s a pile of clothes you don’t need, a toxic friend, or some regretted tequila shots; saying adios to the things that don’t serve you feels damn good.
  5. Choose to keep these promises. The hardest part of resolutions is sticking to them. The easiest part is realizing that you can and it’s totallllly worth it. So get started!
Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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