Let’s Get Started

IMG_6522.JPGJanuary is one of my favorite months of the year. This sentence might make you skeptical. It’s kind of like saying “grey is my favorite color,” or “I really love the taste of tofu.” You either don’t believe me or you think I’m the most boring human you’ve ever come across. But indulge me for a second, and you’ll see why.

The whirlwind of fall and family and travelling and hosting and parties and presents that is the November/December spectacle is great. It’s fantastic, beautiful, spectacular. There’s a reason it’s the most popular season; it rocks, and I won’t argue that. But by the end of that swift season, I find myself physically exhausted, emotionally depleted, and often down right sick. To be fair, it’s a condition I inflict upon myself by agreeing and insisting to take un-affordable amounts of time off work, drive across the country, bounce around the many houses of my complicated family tree, and try to see as many people, do as many things, and take as many Instagrams as possible (*eye roll*). It’s the season of pleasing others, making appearances, and giving your time to the people who deserve and demand it. Fabulous, yes. Tiresome, completely.


So when January rolls around with an empty calendar and the opportunity to spend every night possible in my tiny apartment with my orange kitten friend and a worn pair of sweats, I greet it with open arms and an explosive sigh. When I finally turned the key to my upstairs duplex a few days ago, I had genuine butterflies in my tummy. I was thrilled to get back to some sort of regular routine, created by me and determined by whatever I fancied doing. I confess, that does mean a strict schedule of waking early, deep cleaning my apartment and closet dancing before work, but hey we all have quirks (right??). But not only do I get to return to whatever routine I choose, I also get to start new ones.

January is the month that everyone is focused on bettering themselves, and if that doesn’t make it totally fabulous to you, you must be crazy. It’s a month of starting new projects, promising ourselves we’ll finish them, purging our closets, cupboards, and calendars of things we don’t need, attempting to eat healthy, exercise, and reconnect with the people and things that matter most.  A whole month dedicated to filling your life with things that make you better. If you’re not already on board with that, I suggest you make the jump.


We’ve all had a week of some much needed R&R and quality time with Netflix and leggings. Now that the circles have left our eyes, let’s get started. Have a million resolutions and can’t pick just one? Try them all and see what sticks. Been procrastinating a time to reach out or start fresh or read that book or go for that run? Give all of them a try, see what makes you the happiest, and keep those things. I’ll be painting more canvases, reading more books, writing weirder stories, eating better food, growing more plant babies, and meeting more friends and you should join me; this month is just for us.

Written by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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