Playing Dress Up

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Glamour can be intimidating. It’s bright, loud, and often a little shocking. Sequins and loud colors grab your attention aw well as polarizing opinions. Layering metallic tops with big bags and bell bottom trousers feels like “dress-up” for adults. And I don’t know if you remember, but dress-up was damn fun. Dress-up is memories of piling on plastic heels, tutu skirts and my mother’s lipstick, parading around my living room to make my friends giggle to the ground. We might being playing “house” for real now, but we can still play dress-up. And instead of laughing, our friends will be cheering for us. I know you don’t to walk into a restaurant or office or bar or boutique wearing the same jeans-cardigan-tank combo you wore last week. So get a little gutsy and throw on some glam. Just like childhood dress up, the attitude is half of the fun.

Writing and photos by Mara Strobel-Lanka.




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