Style Evolution, Fairy Wands, & Dressing for Yourself

Shy. Demure. Indecisive. Reserved. These are words you will not find associated with my name in any definition of self.

One thing you will find – confidence. I have it in spades. Sometimes to a fault, no doubt.

My expression of style over the past three decades is no exception. I have gone confidently in the direction of textiles, patterns and trends with little thought of how others may react.

My Mother recently sent a box of pictures from my childhood and I believe I discovered my first attempt at texture and color pairing:




Please note my choice of accessory, fairy wands for all.

But metallic sheen at age two was not the end of my experimentation.

Some of my other fashion forays included:

  • Unisex overalls, featuring gender neutral dinosaur and agriculture prints (that was more my Mother’s choice than mine admittedly)
  • An affinity for boy’s tear-away pants (Adidas if possible, please)
  • Goodwill t-shirts featuring phrases such as “Fly High on the Wings of an Eagle”
  • White crocheted tops, skirts, pants, and over-the shoulder purses
  • Vintage headscarves worn with gigantic up-dos
  • And a personal college favorite – Plunging necklines that provided an excuse not to wear a bra

Regardless of the duration of, or reason for the phases above, I have to believe that they led me to a place where I know what best represents me. Your style is an expression of yourself. It tells people something about you. It is a stranger’s first hint of who you are and what you think of yourself.

My style varies depending on the occasion, the company, and my mood, but regardless of circumstance, I choose what I wear with confidence. Because who better to dress me, than me?

Your personal style is just that, it’s yours.

Experiment with what you like, choose things that bring you joy, and let your style speak out on your behalf. And if you’re feeling insecure, never doubt the power of a fairy-wand.

Written by Alexis Branaman. Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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