Women of Jax: What Makes You Feel “Excited”?

I am a person who is remarkably motivated by others. Coffee dates, lunch meetings, and career gush sessions are vital to my work ethic. Planners and 5- year plans are dandy, but if I want to truly get my a$$ in gear, all it takes is hearing about hard-working women, their ideas, and the many adventures they take on every day. That’s why I decided to start this new monthly column, where I check in with five Jacksonville women and ask them what makes them feel excited, motivated, scared, happy, loved, pretty, etc. Read on and stay tuned each month to get to know what makes our community of Jax women so darn fabulous.

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“Fresh ground coffee and a quiet hour in the morning. Seems tame but I really am invigorated by having a sense of calm and moments to reflect before being launched full force into the real world every day.”

 Sarah Bloom
Proposal Writer at Adecco
Murray Hill Resident


“There’s nothing more exciting to me than cooking a meal for loved ones. I get a burst of energy from being around my favorite people and creating a dish…even if it ends up being the most meme-worthy culinary disaster of all time (#boneapptheteeth, anyone?) It’s just really cool to know so many unforgettable memories can be made in my little ol’ kitchen.”

Bonnie Phlong
Nurse & Blogger for TheHoneyDeux.com
Riverside Resident


“My upcoming trip to Iceland! My husband and I have the opportunity to explore the country’s dramatic landscape, learn a new culture, and hopefully get to see the northern lights! For me, there is something thrilling about disconnecting from your day-to-day and connecting with an unfamiliar environment.”

Kara Yancey
Director of Student Solutions Center & Orientation at Jacksonville University
Jacksonville Resident


“I feel excitement when I am stretching beyond my comfort to try something new and unexpected. There is also nothing more exciting to me than accomplishing a long term goal and knowing it was a job well done!”

Ari Gaskin
Model/Stylist/Hair Extraordinaire
Jacksonville Resident


“Getting up each morning, preparing for my day with a cup of black coffee, and thinking of the day’s endless possibilities. I’m excited by meeting the needs and challenges of everyone who comes to the shop.”

Joy Lee
Creator & Founder of Momni Boutique
Jacksonville Resident

Written and edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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