Elle Woods Didn’t Wear Skinny Jeans and Neither Should You

17ADBD40-3A6C-4446-B501-0526A786AC9D.jpg0BD98916-C602-4EA0-A45F-7631B05A629B.jpg28612DD4-FE22-49A3-B2ED-25D818F5DF11.jpg87D852E1-98FB-4FFB-863A-AB68933D79BD.jpg75B00EC3-61ED-4920-AD4B-0D45F480EBD2.jpg3164A3B2-AEAE-48CF-8A42-F5A99001A9C2.jpg63114406-C96D-4C3C-A11F-D9245B239A14 (1).jpg5511DCFA-EFD9-44DD-95CF-D48D3575B497.jpg

Girls these days have an agenda. There are a few variations with the routes, but they all go something like this: look fabulous, kick ass, conquer the world. If you want a look as ambitious as your plans, you’re going to have to venture out of the skinny jeans and cute nuetral blouse routine. The “dressing for the role you want in the world” proverb is no myth; so if you want to be the CEO or the ruthless prosecutor or the next Beyonce, you’re going to have to start dressing like one now. We promise it’s not as hard as it sounds, it’s even pretty empowering. Get started this season with wide leg statement trousers, layered patterns, and high elegant necklines; all available at Momni today!!

Photos and writing by Mara Strobel-Lanka.


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