Model Q&A: Dreams for Spring


Q: What’s your favorite thing about Spring?
Morgan: All the bright flowers everywhere. It makes me want to stay outside all day.

Q:How does your wardrobe change for Spring?
Morgan: I love bringing color back into my still after the neutral & dark winter styles. Lots of skirts, pumps, statement earrings, and bold colors this year.

Q: Do you have any new projects or goals for the Spring or the coming year?
Morgan: My goal is to have a ton of picnics this season. Something about a packed lunch, a blanket, and pink lemonade just screams Spring and I am so excited.

Q:Is there anything you do every single Spring?
Morgan: No matter how old I get, I will always participate in the Easter egg hunt at my Grandma’s house. The more candy the better.

Q:What do you think of the Momni Spring inventory?
Morgan: As always, I am in love with everything we have this season. There are so many pieces that you can’t find anywhere else. Momni’s got it all.

Answers from models Morgan Woods and Mary Kreis. Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka. 
Photos by Stefanie Keeler.

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