Women of Jax: What Makes You Feel “Loved”?

The second edition of our Women of Jax column has me inspired as ever by the ladies of this bold city. While Valentine’s Day may be a great day to binge watch Nicolas Sparks and send cute cards, it’s an even better opportunity to take a look at your life and discover what makes you feel really, truly loved. I asked five Jacksonville women what it is for them and was not disappointed. Enjoy!


“To be honest I had a hard time with this question. There are so many things that make me feel loved, that its hard to cram in a short response. I’m super grateful to have a boyfriend that I look up to (literally though, he’s 6’5″!), and can’t wait to spend time with any chance we get! Food, wine, and/or puppies make me feel loved too, just sayin’.”

Aubrey Mathews
Support Specialist at Advent Software
Blogger for TheHoneyDeux.
Murray Hill Resident


“What makes me feel loved is when the people I love spend quality time with me. It makes me feel loved that my husband never leaves in the morning without saying I love you and giving me a kiss. When he helps me around the house, especially dishes! And when my son looks at me with a huge smile and falls asleep next to me, him knowing I’m his mama.”

Carla Thompson
Blogger of The Curious Natalia
Jacksonville Resident


“I’m a deep feeler. Everyone who knows me will tell you this. To pinpoint where or when I feel most loved is difficult, because I feel love so deeply and so often. When someone tells me I look like my mother, I feel deeply loved. When my brothers and I recount a memory about our childhood, I feel deeply loved. When my father tells me about our family history, I feel deeply loved. When my friends and I laugh together, I feel deeply loved. When my children call me mom, I feel deeply loved. When my girlfriend and I wake up snuggled up together, I feel deeply loved. All this to say, you should also know I feel pain just as acutely, but fortunately it all balances out. Whatever pain I’ve experienced in my life has met an overwhelming amount of love and for me, that’s worth celebrating every single day.”

Shannon Rose Greene
Freelance Writer
Jacksonville Resident


“We live in a world where technology and social media consumes us, and it’s changed the way we connect with each other. So for me, actions are what make me feel loved. Not words or texts or comments, but real genuine acts of kindness from people. It’s my Dad always there as my number one fan, teaching me to always work hard. It’s reading instruction manuals and staying up laughing with my mom putting together an entire couch until 3 am. It’s my brother standing up to me with logical advice whenever I’m impractical. It’s being able to tell my best friends anything and knowing that they’ll have my back. These are the things that make my heart beat the most.”

Cassie Elmore
Photography Student at Jacksonville University
Avondale Resident


“I think my favorite things that make me feel loved are being at my mother’s home, being called “Auntie”, and receiving dog kisses out of the blue when I’m sad. I think when you have the ability to be your absolute self; flaws, weirdness and all, that really makes you feel loved- well at least for me… and there is nothing better in the world than being completely yourself, loving those around you and feeling the love in return.”

Chawnee Gulick
Revenue Analyst at Acosta Sales & Marketing
Neptune Beach Resident

Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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