The New Era of “It Girls”

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It’s been one of my greatest fortunes to grow into an adult amidst the “Girl Boss” movement. I signed for my first apartment, started working for a business run entirely by women, and began my professional life during an era that pushed girls to be their best, brightest, and most hardworking selves. I’m in awe every day of the diverse, ambitious women who surround me, and I’m hugely grateful for the campaign that made room for all of us in the world. It’s taught us to be decisive, assertive, and resilient. And we need those lessons. But now more than ever, we need a new one. We need to be kind. 

While all of us are building our careers, battling our way through the adult world, and rapping our knuckles on the glass ceiling, let’s remember to be just as kind as we are resolved and as inclusive as we are diligent. Let’s be kinder hearted than “take no shit” attitudes and bigger minded than using our friends as rosters of success . Let’s surround ourselves with kind people and then be one ourselves.

There’s a new kind of “It Girl” gracing the world. She’s not the prettiest or the funniest or the smartest. She’s not insta famous. She’s not even a girl boss. She’s just kind. And she’s taking over.

Words and photos by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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