Women of JAX: What Makes You Feel “Feminine”?

Women’s History Month seemed like the perfect opportunity to ask the Women of Jax what made them feel most like a woman. I was eager and excited to hear what made the women I knew feel “feminine”. I was also completely blindsided when a few women who responded were offended by the very question. Hearing words of those who felt femininity to be silly and frivolous baffled me to my core. It also challenged me to come up with my own answer. Is femininity only for girly girls? Hell no. Is a girly girl less dignified than other women who identify with the word? Hell no. Femininity is just as diverse and dynamic as the women it represents, and I’m proud to publish the many poignant and unique answers below.


“I feel feminine when I have my hair and makeup done and I am dress to the nines in an outfit that helps portray me as a confident women. But I also feel feminine when I am in my sweatpants having a movie night with my husband. I think having the ability of associating the feminine feeling with who I am as a person verses just what I’m wearing or where I’m going allows for me to embrace my feminism and feel powerful all the time.”

Nicole Ingham
JU Admissions
Jacksonville Resident


“Getting up early, putting on my running shoes and going outside to run like a girl! And then to see my fellow females out doing the same. Coming home and putting on different shoes, a little makeup, and starting my work day. I’m a stylist, so I’m surrounded by girly stuff all day. I’m also a mother! But I find that by pushing myself and going out of my comfort zone, trying new things, whether it’s a new hairstyle, or a new running route…. that’s what makes me feel feminine. Just pretty much kicking ass at life makes me feel like a million bucks! I can be wearing running shoes or wedges!  I love the way I feel when I accomplish a goal in my life and it makes me feel I’m one amazing, feminine woman!”

Carrie Wright
Hair Stylist
Murray Hill Resident


“Three things make me feel especially feminine. The first two are an elegant pair of earrings and a rich red lipstick, because I am a short haired and these additions always make me feel beautiful on days where I feel more like a 12 year old boy than a woman. The third is the way my partner looks at me, whether it is early morning when I am rocking my crazy cowlick and sleep in my eyes, or on a special evening when I am all dolled up, that look of unconditional love makes me feel beautiful and feminine every time.”

Lexi Mire
Local Photographer
Receptionist at Hawthorne Salon
Murray Hill Resident


“Growing up as the oldest of four girls, I feel like my family has always celebrated femininity as beauty and strength and laughing uncontrollably. Femininity has always felt like such a gift– a club of interesting women making a difference in the world that I’m lucky to belong to.”

Elsa Hyrne
Graduating HS Senior
Jacksonville Resident


“For me, I feel the most feminine when for a week every month, I have a hard time living out my regular day-to-day because my pre-menstrual pain is debilitating. But I also feel feminine when I leave my Pure Barre classes after kickass, sweaty, full-body workouts. I feel feminine when I wear a new perfume but I also feel feminine when I put my long, curly hair up in a bun and wear oversized t-shirts to bed. I feel feminine when I pop on some mascara and a bold liquid lipstick, but I also feel feminine when I wear just enough light makeup to accentuate my natural features. I feel just as feminine on nights in when I pamper myself with shaved legs, a freshly lit candle and a cup of tea as I do on nights out when I order a whiskey at the bar and proceed to stuff my face with greasy food. I love that we’re living in a time where femininity and masculinity are no longer black and white, and can have so many different meanings and take so many different forms for everyone.”

Chelsea DuDeVoire
Editor/Creator of Babes Who Hustle
Project Coordinator at Cardno
Jacksonville Resident

Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

1 thought on “Women of JAX: What Makes You Feel “Feminine”?”

  1. What a fun post! And I wholeheartedly agree with what seems to be the common theme: femininity is who you are more than what you wear. What you put on is simply an outward statement of your inner self. It’s a state of mind that no longer is defined by traditional roles of what a woman “should” say or do. Thanks for sharing!

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