Spring Fling: Wardrobe Transitions

7644F6E4-33A4-4ED8-BF17-C20D0163B897 (1).jpgFCDBF5A9-BF88-4B2E-B3E0-F8BD90A57C88.jpg7E2BA443-00E9-42B7-8479-98AD74E26D4B.jpg78EDEC10-16C5-4CFB-9BDB-BD4B2B016470.jpgA8D71A58-ED4A-41E6-AD7E-1A049CF7B1C2.jpg89E34DD4-E31F-498B-A785-8EE175632130.jpg0A8846AB-4E75-413E-AFAD-8ADA0A81F986.jpg

Transitioning a wardrobe can be intimidating. While Vogue ads and fashion bloggers seem to have dressing for a season all figured out, I usually look at florals and pastels absolutely clueless as to how I’m supposed to make them look anything like me. Luckily, it’s not as difficult as I always imagined. All it takes is one or two statement pieces and the right attitude. So grab a tulle skirt, layered necklace, or high rise trousers and pair it with the every day pieces you’re already comfortable with. T shirts and button downs are flexible canvases, and not nearly as daunting as head-to-toe florals.

Writing, editing, and photos by Mara Strobel-Lanka.


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