Neighbor Appreciation: Meet Town Beer Co.


I met with Priya Moldovan at a mutual favorite Jacksonville Hangout, Community Loaves. We grabbed a table, a pair of lattes and got to work. Sitting across antique tables and hand picked flowers, she told me about her business, her marriage, and her vision for Murray Hill. The neighborhood was alive with energy; and inside the prosperity of one up and coming business, it was easy to imagine the much-anticipated prosperity of the area, Priya’s new business included.


By day Priya is a Social Media Specialist for a full-service digital agency. By nights, weekends, and all available free time, she is a small business owner of Town Beer Co., a craft beer bar coming soon to Edgewood Avenue. I was introduced to Priya when she started shopping with Momni and got to know her better as her husband Alex came in looking clueless in search for birthday and Christmas gifts that fit key words like “boho,” “conservative,” and “small.” Their energy together and apart is engaging and overtly entrepreneurial. As she tells me about the plans for Town Beer Co., I immediately find myself wanting to attend a grand opening, buy a t-shirt, and become a regular. But to be fair, who wouldn’t? Town Beer Co. is a craft beer shop, and tasting room highlighting beers made right here in Jacksonville that Priya lovingly describes as ” a coffee shop for craft beer.”

“Our whole concept was to keep everything as local as possible– which inspired our slogan, ‘Drink beer from your town!’ We’ll have ten taps showcasing beers from Jacksonville breweries. And for off-premise consumption, we’ll have Florida based beers available.” The local focus originates from her husband Alex’s undergraduate history in JU’s sustainability program; a concept which Priya, a UNF marketing grad, has since fallen in love with. It’s not just the brews that are local either; the young couple has sourced most of their fixtures (table legs, etc.) from Duval as well.

Priya and Alex were married last year and bought their first house in Murray Hill. Since starting their home with their two Malshi pups, Mia and Maggie, they noticed a void in the area’s craft beer scene, “So we thought– we want to see the community thrive, we love craft beer, let’s just do it.”


Besides staying busy with her business, day job, marriage, and pups, Priya enjoys experimenting with interior design. Between her new home and opening business, she’s had plenty of opportunities to play decorator. In five years, she sees Jacksonville taking on the role of “the next Asheville, ” and she hopes to be “living the life as an owner of a badass craft beer shop in a thriving neighborhood with my husband and pups.” Catch her around her favorite Jax hangs (BREW, Momni, Hawkers, and Sun Ray), drinking her favorite J’ville Lager from Engine 15 or enjoying a sour beer. And of course, don’t miss the opening of the next “It” spot in Jax.

Follow Town Beer Co. on Instagram, @townbeerco. Like their FB page, Town Beer Co. And check out their website for updates on the Grand Opening at

Written and Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka.



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