Putting a Ring On It

“So when are you getting engaged?”

“We’re engaged!”

“Great – when’s the wedding?”

If my memory serves me correctly, my boyfriend and I dated for a whopping six months before people started asking if we were getting married.

Everyone gets so excited to see someone else get engaged. They become so attached to the idea, on your behalf, that you can find yourself whipped up into a frenzy that you didn’t personally engineer. I knew I wanted to be married. I knew I wanted to have a husband to share my life with. And I knew I wanted that person to be Robert – about the same time everyone started asking me if I was going to marry him.


A year and a half after I realized he was most definitely the ONE for me, he finally asked me to marry him. You see how I said “finally” there? You can thank Pinterest, Facebook and peer pressure for that little gem. I was patient; I was willing to wait for the right time, for both of us to be ready and to be thrilled when he asked me to be his wife. Then, somewhere around October of last year, I lost my sh*%.

I turned into a crazy person.

I was terrified he would put off getting engaged. I had nightmares that he would decide I wasn’t the partner he wanted after all. I regularly panicked thinking that I misunderstood the simple, straight-forward goodness of our relationship, that forever was a pipe dream.


There was one evening in particular that sanity took its leave and I started crying crazy-person tears. And Robert – sweet, understanding, kind, Robert – LAUGHED at me. He laughed at me, and I thought I was going to jump over the throw pillows and strangle him.

Want to guess why he was laughing? Laughing while I cried about my fears that he wouldn’t propose…

He had the ring already. He had it in the house. Hidden in a place he refuses to reveal even now.

He knew he wanted to marry me before people started asking. He knew he would do it his way – for us – completely independent of anyone else’s timeline. Pinterest, Facebook, and peer pressure have nothing on Robert Gammon.


When he was ready, he did propose. On a walk in the woods, just the two of us, during a casual get-away weekend, on a non-descript mountain road. I was make-up less, in leggings, rocking bed-head and a flannel. Not a witness in sight, there were no rose petals or sky writers, nor lurking photographers or perfect outfits ready for a fancy dinner.

I got our relationship right the first time. It is simple, straight-forward, and good. And regardless of how perfect or imperfect our wedding is – it will be beautiful because it will be ours.

Written by Alexis Branaman, Momni’s Creative Director and Go-To Woman.

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