Life in Blossom


Spring offers many opportunities. The chance to purge our closets, our lives, and our daily routines. The year is still young and the feeling of a beginning sits fresh and electric in the budding flowers. This might sound incredibly cheesy, or it just might sound like something you’ve been waiting to hear.

Let Spring be the fresh start we’re all craving. Start the project you’ve been putting off for the perfect timing. Clear out the junk that’s been sitting around your world a little too long. Apply for the job that’s so different it might just be perfect. Skip the neutrals and wear the clothes that wrap your smile in your own compliments. And come shop at Momni where we have new looks and a lot of cheer-leading awaiting you.

We’ll be doing some blossoming ourselves, between our second (and highly anticipated) Momni Fashion Show, a new building, and some secret projects in the wood work. Stay tuned to our growth and we’ll be eagerly waiting to hear about yours.

Photos and words by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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