Take Your Body to the Beach

IMG_7925There are few places more wonderful on a free afternoon than a target aisle. The only part of the Target experience that is far from ideal is the glossy-page assault at checkout. Few of us are capable of escaping that glorious place with less than ten items, so there always seems to be just enough time to scan the covers of the magazines. Useful articles like: “How to make him happy…” “Best jean styles for curvy bodies…” “Eye makeup that pops…” and my personal favorite “How to get a beach body fast.”

I realized when I was a teenager that I didn’t have the body that all swimsuits seem to be created for. My experience choosing swimsuits involved the descriptors pinch and squeeze instead of form and flatter. Even if I found a suit that fit, I could only focus on where I saw cellulite or a rogue stretch mark. Clearly, I was built incorrectly.

I wanted that beach body. I wanted to look like the girls in the swimsuit ads each summer who lived care free in their bikinis around the pool when school was out. I grew up in Michigan, so my fear of swimsuits was at least limited to the three months with temperatures over 60 degrees.

But then, I moved to Texas. And after that, I moved to Florida. I now live in the land of swimsuits, year round. The first year here I bought four suits ranging from bikinis to one pieces in an attempt to find one that “suited my curves” or “made me look thin”. Anytime I went to the beach or a swimming pool, I wanted to make sure my hair was done and I had some makeup on to distract from any judgment someone may pass on my body in those tiny pieces of lycra or polyester.

What I realized after a few trips to the beach here in Jacksonville was that opposite of my fear was some refreshing reality. People here live by the beach. They go year round, and they go as themselves. No one cared what swim suit I had on, or if it fit me right, or if my cellulite was showing. They were at the beach to swim, throw a football or walk their dog. There was no judge there to size me up and no test I was about to fail.

The fastest way to get a beach body in Jacksonville, Florida?

Take your body, just as it is, to the beach.

No diet, workout routine or special purchases required.

Written by Momni’s Creative Director, Alexis Branaman. Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

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