Passport Perspective

Written by Chloe Lyden. Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka.

Over the past few years, I have developed a love for airplanes. Not the cramped, smelly, delayed situations, but the experience an airplane allows to its passengers. After countless flights in the past few years, I manage to get the same, proud, blissful feeling in every seat that carries me thousands of airborne miles. As I look out the window, I reflect upon my life, and the situations, that have taken me to that seat in the aircraft. Each reflection is a joyful memory filled personal journeys that go farther than any plane ever could.


After overcoming an abusive relationship that left me vulnerable, with low self-esteem, I changed my outlook, environment, and perspective. I wanted to gain back control over my life, and to live a life that excited me with the start of each day. I was nervous, with so many new changes coming about, but I remember the feeling of boarding a plane by myself to travel to Jacksonville from New Jersey. I felt so liberated, having navigated my way through the madness that is Newark airport. I was carrying out an adventure for myself, by myself. When the plane took off, with the perspective of the evening sky setting on the New Jersey landscape, I reflected on my past. All of my memories, whether good or bad, had taken place upon the grounds that I was watching over. I flew over them in an anonymous aircraft carrying passengers, luggage, and my newfound independence.

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I find flying a therapeutic experience; it allows me the time to decompress and reflect on the most recent happenings of my life. Whether the past allowed for positive, or troubling situations, they have all lead me to this current moment, to packing my bags prior, and to the actions that I will carry out when I depart from this plane.


Allowing myself to change my perspective on flying has made me see the beauty in things that many may not. I think that this has taught me that any situation can be viewed in so many ways, and there is not one right or wrong view. I hope to continue to allow the beauty of every destination and situation to flourish, as I have allowed flying.  The beauty that an airplane offers is soul soothing, and eye opening, being among the clouds and miles closer to the moon and sun. It has infused an abundance of positivity into my soul, and I love myself for this beautiful life that I lead.


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