The Carrie Bradshaw Next Door

Words by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Photos by Stefanie Keeler.


It’s a cliche little truth that this blog was inspired by Carrie Bradshaw– what fashion blog wasn’t? We’d be lying if we said we hadn’t watched SATC religiously in high school or dreamt of moving to NYC with our girlfriends in college, before finally settling on being  style savvy writers from our cozy spot right here in Murray Hill. Haters may call us Carrie-lovers basic, but we’ll defend racy girl gangs and shoe addictions until our dying day. And apparently, we’re not alone.

Last Thursday, Momni hosted a Carrie Bradshaw Next Door Styling Party, where SATC fans from all over Jax were invited to style a Carrie-inspired look from the shop, be posed and photographed by a professional photographer, indulge in wine and cheese, and do what Carrie did best: shop.

Since closing up that night, I’ve re-watched the sixth season, rooted for Maranda, cried for Samantha, and raised my glass every time Carrie says the words, “I couldn’t help but wonder.” The series might be culturally out of touch (like a lot of things from the 90s TBH), politically incorrect (see above), and emotionally limiting (@Carrie for being boy crazy for 90% of the sitcom’s lifetime), but it did give a lot of women a soft place to land while they were growing into themselves. It showcased the growing pains of its characters with a style that made me strive to be a working 30-something in a big city with a lot of shoes and a few fabulous friends.

As we watched our Momni guests explain the season and reason behind their Carrie-inspired looks, we caught a small glimpse of the camaraderie that brought so many women not just in front of a TV, but to big cities, new jobs, bolder outfits and better friendships. The girls of SATC may be known for their blunt sexual re-caps, martinis, and Manolos, but I’ll always remember those opening credits for making a young me feel that best is yet to come, and that life is a little more manageable with my best girlfriends behind me, an issue of Vogue in one hand and a stiff drink in the other.






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