I Got It From My Mama

Written by Janeca Cua. Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka.


Where do I even begin? My mother is such a wonderful, selfless human being that I’m blessed to have in my life. If it weren’t for her I wouldn’t be the person I am today. With her guidance and knowledge, I am molded into a successful, young lady. She has taught me words of wisdom that bring up my spirit whenever I feel down. She is my ultimate best friend but what the difference between a best friend and a mother is respect. Although both roles deserve an equal amount of respect, my mother deserves more for the sacrifices and work she’s put forward. She has mended me when the world crashed down on me, and through her I have learned to incorporate poise, discipline, and determination into my life. Not only has she taught me those traits but she has also taught me the importance of family. Back in her homeland, the Philippines, family is very important. Without family you have nothing.

It’s the truth she teaches me every day which makes her an even more amazing person. Even in her workspace she incorporates being family oriented. My mother is a physical therapist in Geriatrics and seeing her work inspires me so much. Watching her rehabilitate and build relationships with her patients is such an amazing thing. Seeing patients succeed and get better with the help of my mom just shows how much she cares for each one of her patients. She treats them like family in her own way, which I find beautiful.

Another thing I find amazing in her is her dedication to health and fitness. My mother is a super mom. Even after a long day of work she never fails to incorporate fitness into her life. Ever since I was a child, I have witnessed my mother workout every day. Because of her, I have learned the value of staying active and fit and am currently in the Exercise Science program at UNF in hopes of becoming a physical therapist– just like my mom. If it weren’t for her healthy ways and guidance, I’d be lost. Through our mutual passion for fitness, we have the opportunity to workout together at a local CrossFit gym. Many people don’t have the privilege to work out alongside their mother. Watching her grow stronger and better every day makes me the proudest daughter. I find myself bragging more about my mom than myself. Despite her age, she is a total “beast” in the gym. I cannot believe I have a mother who is strong inside and out.

Not only is she a beast, but she’s also a total fashionista. Like night and day, in one outfit she can be a total hipster, and in another, she can be preppy and chic. I love how versatile she can be and through this versatility, I have learned to be well rounded through any style or piece. She never told me how to dress, but instead, she taught me how to express myself. Modesty is key, and through her, I found how to be fashion forward while respecting my body.
The most important thing my mom has taught me is to always thank God for all He’s given us. Because of her, I instill the presence of God in my life. It’s because of God that He has blessed me with a beautiful mother and I can’t ever be so thankful enough for her. More than anything the extra quality time I get with my mother is what I’m most thankful for. Whether it be at church, the gym, or at home her presence makes life worth living for. She is the most selfless human being I’ve ever known, and I’m so lucky to call her “mom.”

Jeneca Cua is a student at UNF. She write this piece for Momni’s Summer Writing Contest.

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