Summer Dress Farewells


The end of the season is near, everyone is saying their annual “How is it August already??”, and there’s a new Lana album to play on repeat. While our tans are mourning Summer, our hearts and happiness are ready for sub 90 degree days, Fall coffee orders, and the opportunity to go anywhere without sweating.

It’s time for a graceful goodbye to the bittersweet swamp-ness that is the Florida Summertime and to relish the occasion to flaunt those summer dresses in their final moments. Here are few ways to give these sweaty summer nights a graceful exit:

  1. Throw a summer dinner party. Call you girlfriends, pick up a bottle (or two) of two-buck-chuck and order pizza to the front porch.
  2. Go for one last swim. Throw on your beach cover ups and head to the beach for one last dip in balmy summer water (Bonus points if you swim at night).
  3. Grab a cone. Summer isn’t summer without a Whit’s cone in your hand. Make the most of the season that embraces ice cream mustaches while there are still a few weeks left!
  4. Bike the beach. Nothing says Summer quite like a beach cruiser rolling down Neptune Beach at sunset. Breathe in that salty air and try not to fall taking a Gram of your handlebars (this advice comes purely from experience).
  5. Take a day trip. Summer is the time for spontaneous day trips and some ideal road trip playlists. Fill up your tank and head to Savannah or St Aug for the day.

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