Remaining a Classic


It’s no secret that we live in a world of trends. Our social feeds, magazines, and lives are full of them. They are fun, short-lived flings like nose-rings, chokers, and lacing necklines. Sometimes, trends align parallel to our existing affinities, and we live in a short bliss of pop-culture timeliness. Sometimes, trends are healthy and beneficial to our lives (think vegan dieting, pure barre classes, and female empowerment). Other times, trends seem to clash with our extant tastes, creating veins of inauthenticity within our styles and our lives. Behaving to appease trends is gratifying, addicting, and often exhausting.

While it’s amusing and pleasant to rock a trendy haircut or stay relevant in a constantly moving spectrum of aesthetics, I can’t help but wonder how we identify personal style within a world of double-tapped tendencies. How do we remain a classic in a climate of catalyzed crazes?

There’s no listable answer. Instead, I’ve slowly come to realize that there’s value both in staying true to your honest interpretations of beauty, and cherry-picking from the cascade of trends we’re exposed to every day. I am currently enjoying the Vogue-esque large ruffles and small pleats, but will never surrender my tacky love for cuffing light-wash denim. Like all other aspects of life, style involves a little bit of balance and a whole lot of self-knowledge. To remain a classic, you have to identify what people, places, fashion, and art make you feel like yourself, and confidently pursue them in areas as important as your community and as trivial as your wardrobe.


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