Merry Everything


Every year, and every Christmas season, seems to pass by quicker than the last. While it’s not exactly groundbreaking to remark on the passage of time, it’s a pretty common feeling that this holiday has turned the clock treadmill to full speed. As our calendars overflow with cocktail parties, shopping days, and function after function– we could all use the reminder that it’s a season to be Merry and it’s okay to do whatever it takes to be just that.

We’re encouraging you not only to treat yourself but also to tune into the truths and things that make you feel your most merry. Whether that’s hanging out under the mistletoe with a special someone, adding some extra spike to your eggnog, or turning off the Christmas music for a few hours, this time of year is filled with festivities to make you feel warm and fuzzy, and we could all use the reminder to take advantage of them. Here are a just a few for you:

  1. Car-sing Mariah Carey as badly as you can– the worse, the better. Nothing makes me laugh harder or feel more humbled than hearing my voice crack on the freeway.
  2. Check in to a $5 yoga night. I’ve been putting off my exercise routine to 2018 since August. While on paper it’s easy to convince myself I don’t have the time, taking 45 minutes to run or sit in child’s pose is the respite I need to stay centered inside a month that’s pulling me in a hundred directions.
  3. Cancel on a Christmas party. It’s easy to feel guilty for prioritizing time or people, but it’s a lot easier to get through a weekend or even a month by saying “no” to a few RSVPs to your vague acquaintance’s ugly sweater party or just scheduling one night in with your cat.
  4. Watch The Holiday and cry like Cameron Diaz at the corny, happy goodness. Oh, and don’t forget to swoon over Jude Law.
  5. Give yourself a gift. It’s important to take care of ourselves this Christmas, and no one knows what’s at the top of our Santa lists better than ourselves. Whether it’s a manicure, a rock climbing membership, or a new read, make sure to put at least one thing under your tree that you know your soul will thank you for.

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