Better Together

Last week, family and friends gathered to honor the life of my great aunt Elaine, who died at age 89 after a long illness. I showed up just a few minutes before the service began, as is my way, and settled in next to my little sister, Betsey. Displayed on the dais of the funeral… Continue reading Better Together

Model Citizen

When I was offered a spot as a model in my favorite boutique’s second annual fashion show, it was like receiving my letter from Hogwarts. But as the day of the show approached, I became nervous, palpably so. I felt like I hadn’t prepared at all. The outfits had been chosen, sure. But was I… Continue reading Model Citizen

Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City

During my four-year Ph.D. program at Florida State, it was difficult to imagine the end. But once my dissertation was approved, my rented cap and gown returned, and all the champagne guzzled, leaving Tallahassee became a reality. I’d have to go somewhere, and it seemed only right that I move to Jacksonville, where my boyfriend… Continue reading Ain’t No Love in the Heart of the City

The Same, (Sad) Sex Story

At 21, I interned at an alternative news weekly in Charleston, South Carolina. Though I was tasked with writing the blurbs and human interest stories that staff writers hated, it led to a gig as a columnist. On the magazine’s back page, nestled with ads for escorts and strip clubs, I was given space to… Continue reading The Same, (Sad) Sex Story

The Late Bloomers Club

  This summer, my boyfriend left our apartment to find a flyer on his car. Safe from the weather in a plastic baggie weighed down with white rice was a rectangle of paper warning “Anyone (sic) of you black apes caught making eyes at a white girl will be beaten with bats…” It goes on.… Continue reading The Late Bloomers Club

Approval Rating

As a child, I snuck into the kitchen when my parents had friends over. I’d cut bananas and apples, arrange them on a plate, and deliver it, saying “Would you like a fruit plate?” I was precocious and loved the attention. That continued for quite some time, and those impulses linger. Last week, I left… Continue reading Approval Rating