Floridian Fall

Floridian Fall means welcoming low-eighties temps with open arms and your favorite pair of jeans. The cool breezes may still be eluding us, but we're more than ready to start rocking the rich tones and longer hemlines that Fall fashion so loves. Break out your strongest pumpkin spice candle and head to Momni for the… Continue reading Floridian Fall

Fashion’s Favorite Season

Fashion's favorite season is upon us, with rich hues and statement earrings to spare. While Floridians have waited sweatily for those endless summer months to pass, Autumn has been biding its time and brewing the most timeless pieces to grace our Momni racks yet. As the daily temps drop begrudgingly farther below the 90-degree mark… Continue reading Fashion’s Favorite Season

Pretty Women

Another month, another style icon party at Momni. We've fallen even more in love with this killer event after enjoying the amazing company, beauty, and laughter of our shoppers. This month's Pretty Woman styling challenge surpassed our expectations, and the creativity and thought in every outfit these ladies chose reminded us why we fell in… Continue reading Pretty Women