Model Q&A: Body Positivity

Q: What is your definition of the perfect body? A: I have thought about this question often because I used to tell myself, "when I have the perfect body, then I'll fully be confident." I think the perfect body is a body that you respect and a body that you take care of with diet… Continue reading Model Q&A: Body Positivity

February 14th

On February 14th, when I was 5 years old, the love of my very short life gave me a gold bracelet from the carnival with my name engraved on it. I thought I would get in trouble for a boy getting me a gift, so I hid it in a tiny box in my room… Continue reading February 14th

Women of Jax: What Makes You Feel “Loved”?

The second edition of our Women of Jax column has me inspired as ever by the ladies of this bold city. While Valentine's Day may be a great day to binge watch Nicolas Sparks and send cute cards, it's an even better opportunity to take a look at your life and discover what makes you… Continue reading Women of Jax: What Makes You Feel “Loved”?

Getting to Know the Wilding Collective

I met with Becky Cardenas inside of Vagabond Coffee Co last week, in the heart of the Murray Hill neighborhood she's called home for almost nine years. She's long, lanky, and has an "it girl" quality that reminds me of someone between Hermione Granger studying in the library and Carrie Bradshaw asking me for a… Continue reading Getting to Know the Wilding Collective

FLOTUS: Best Looks & Birthday Wishes

As our First Lady spends her last week in the white house, and celebrates her 53rd birthday, we've decided to spend a little time celebrating her. Whether you enjoyed her husband's presidency or not, it's hard to deny that Michelle Obama fulfilled her role with grace and unparalleled style. Bright feminine color palettes and large,… Continue reading FLOTUS: Best Looks & Birthday Wishes

Women of Jax: What Makes You Feel “Excited”?

I am a person who is remarkably motivated by others. Coffee dates, lunch meetings, and career gush sessions are vital to my work ethic. Planners and 5- year plans are dandy, but if I want to truly get my a$$ in gear, all it takes is hearing about hard-working women, their ideas, and the many… Continue reading Women of Jax: What Makes You Feel “Excited”?

Style Evolution, Fairy Wands, & Dressing for Yourself

Shy. Demure. Indecisive. Reserved. These are words you will not find associated with my name in any definition of self. One thing you will find - confidence. I have it in spades. Sometimes to a fault, no doubt. My expression of style over the past three decades is no exception. I have gone confidently in… Continue reading Style Evolution, Fairy Wands, & Dressing for Yourself