Earth Day Homework

Everybody wants to live more green. We all have reusable bags in the back of our cars and pledges to ride our bike to the farmer's market. But if we don't refuel our fire to do these things, we very often forget about them. The best way to keep that fire burning through our every… Continue reading Earth Day Homework

Hurts So Good: Discomfort & the Creative Process

Once, a friend who suffered from severe seasonal affective disorder described his autumn-induced depression as “seeing grey.” He was spot-on. Late last month,I spent two weeks living and working alongside dozens of other artists and writers in a compound in the tiny village of Johnson, Vermont. The first few days felt like living in a… Continue reading Hurts So Good: Discomfort & the Creative Process

The Three Books Every Woman Should Read Before Inauguration Day, No Matter Who You Voted For

It's been a rough week for all, no matter which candidate you supported on Tuesday. The division between parties is palpable every where, and it seems you can't go anywhere without hearing an opinion that steps on someone else's. Our country is in a state of deep uncertainty, in which we must decide whether to… Continue reading The Three Books Every Woman Should Read Before Inauguration Day, No Matter Who You Voted For

Season of Scholars

August marks that dreaded, beloved, and heavily anticipated time of year. Back to school shopping can be the best part of returning. Now whether you're dressing for your first semester of college, or your last class bell rang long ago, there are still killer styles to dig into during the season of scholars. Look for… Continue reading Season of Scholars

BTS: Behind the Scenes & Back to School

Where will you be going back to school this Fall? Morgan: I'll be starting at Trinity Baptist College here in Jacksonville. I'll be playing soccer there so I've already met a bunch of girls on the team. Emily: I'm going to be a junior at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. Your favorite book? M: I… Continue reading BTS: Behind the Scenes & Back to School

The “Lit” Summer

I've been in love with books ever since I can remember. My childhood was spent in the corners of windows hovered over Roald Dahl and hidden under sheets sneaking stealthy paragraphs back to Hogwarts by flashlight. As I've gotten older, the love itself has grown, but the books behind the infatuation have dwindled in number.… Continue reading The “Lit” Summer