Spring Casual Collection

As we say goodbye to the semi-wintery weather that was being able to wear a sweater in February (sweet, sweet memories), we welcome the 75 and sunny weather the rest of the country aches for. Find loads of sweet Spring styles online at http://www.momniboutique.com today! Photos by Stefanie Keeler.

Staff Notes: Alexis

What’s your role at MOMNI? Creative director How long have you been a part of the team? Since the very beginning - August 2015. What’s the best part about working in the shop? Working with the Momni gals and having the opportunity to help women find the right outfit, the right gift or the even… Continue reading Staff Notes: Alexis

Please Excuse My Pumpkin Spice

The older I get, the more I seem to delight in holidays. This is a precarious prophecy for someone in their third of six phases in Halloween decorating...in September. Yes, I am the girl with a cart full of Target dollar section bats and witch hats, wearing jeans and sweaters in 90 degrees, consuming and… Continue reading Please Excuse My Pumpkin Spice

Staff Notes: Morgan

Morgan has worked as a cashier and style consultant at Momni for about four months. What's the greatest part about working in the shop? Meeting new people each and every day. Building relationships with different customers has definitely been my favorite outcome from my journey and experience at Momni so far. What are the biggest… Continue reading Staff Notes: Morgan

Model Spotlight: Michelle

What were your first thoughts about modeling when MOMNI approached you about a shoot? One of my first thoughts was that I was very flattered to even be considered to model for Momni. From a young age I always watched America’s Next Top Model and wanted to be a supermodel. So when I was approached,… Continue reading Model Spotlight: Michelle

Year of MOMNI

MOMNI Boutique opened its doors to the Jacksonville community almost an entire year ago, and what a year it's been. From our first day to our first fashion show; the Boutique Next Door isn't the same little shop it was when we opened. We've learned some, grown some, and fallen in love with our incredible… Continue reading Year of MOMNI