Style Evolution, Fairy Wands, & Dressing for Yourself

Shy. Demure. Indecisive. Reserved. These are words you will not find associated with my name in any definition of self. One thing you will find - confidence. I have it in spades. Sometimes to a fault, no doubt. My expression of style over the past three decades is no exception. I have gone confidently in… Continue reading Style Evolution, Fairy Wands, & Dressing for Yourself

Hurts So Good: Discomfort & the Creative Process

Once, a friend who suffered from severe seasonal affective disorder described his autumn-induced depression as “seeing grey.” He was spot-on. Late last month,I spent two weeks living and working alongside dozens of other artists and writers in a compound in the tiny village of Johnson, Vermont. The first few days felt like living in a… Continue reading Hurts So Good: Discomfort & the Creative Process

Creative Collaboration

We always love being included in local shoots, especially when they're supporting Jax social entrepreneurship ReThreaded. Find more of their jewelry and all of their other fab products on their website and Instagram, and shop these clothes at your favorite Boutique Next Door.  Photos by JesseandLex Photography. Clothes from Momni Boutique. Jewelry and accessories from… Continue reading Creative Collaboration

Elena Ohlander & the Life of the Creative

"I would say being a creative person has completely altered the path of my life. It's allowed me to be more open to saying 'yes' to things I am fearful of doing and my fear of vulnerability." A brave statement to open my interview with brave soul Elena Ohlander. A model, photographer, visual artist, and… Continue reading Elena Ohlander & the Life of the Creative

Staff Notes: Alexis

What’s your role at MOMNI? Creative director How long have you been a part of the team? Since the very beginning - August 2015. What’s the best part about working in the shop? Working with the Momni gals and having the opportunity to help women find the right outfit, the right gift or the even… Continue reading Staff Notes: Alexis