Curating Your Better Self

Photos and words by Mara Strobel-Lanka. In the age of Instagram perfection, the act of curation has acquired a complicated¬†reputation. While curating a two-dimensional image of an internet persona is both a resourceful millennial tool and a toxic black hole of anti-authenticity,¬† there exist an overwhelming and underappreciated plethora of ways to curate our selves… Continue reading Curating Your Better Self

New Wonders: Your Resolutions Simplified

New Years Eve is coming around the corner quick and we can already hear¬†the empty promises and forgotten gym memberships rolling along with it. Resolutions seem to have gotten a bad rap as of late, but I'd like to clear up that reinventing your habits and lifestyle to begin a new year is a charmingly… Continue reading New Wonders: Your Resolutions Simplified