Momni Summer Writing Contest

As big as our Momni community is now, it's important to remember that it started with just two special people: Joy Lee and her mother, Mary. Eight years after the pair first started their business, the family business has grown along with its aspirations. From in-shop events, to buzz word fashion shows, to our everyday… Continue reading Momni Summer Writing Contest

Getting to Know the Wilding Collective

I met with Becky Cardenas inside of Vagabond Coffee Co last week, in the heart of the Murray Hill neighborhood she's called home for almost nine years. She's long, lanky, and has an "it girl" quality that reminds me of someone between Hermione Granger studying in the library and Carrie Bradshaw asking me for a… Continue reading Getting to Know the Wilding Collective

I Lost My Job in Pleather Leggings

In early February of this year, I got dressed for work the same way I did every day. I picked something comfortable and fun that reflected my style, because I worked in an exceptionally casual work environment. When I say casual, I mean that if I wore a blouse or heels to work it was… Continue reading I Lost My Job in Pleather Leggings

Hurts So Good: Discomfort & the Creative Process

Once, a friend who suffered from severe seasonal affective disorder described his autumn-induced depression as “seeing grey.” He was spot-on. Late last month,I spent two weeks living and working alongside dozens of other artists and writers in a compound in the tiny village of Johnson, Vermont. The first few days felt like living in a… Continue reading Hurts So Good: Discomfort & the Creative Process

The Art of Table Setting

  Photos by Stefanie Keeler. Styling by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Florals by The Wilding Collective. Baked goods by Community Loaves.

The Three Books Every Woman Should Read Before Inauguration Day, No Matter Who You Voted For

It's been a rough week for all, no matter which candidate you supported on Tuesday. The division between parties is palpable every where, and it seems you can't go anywhere without hearing an opinion that steps on someone else's. Our country is in a state of deep uncertainty, in which we must decide whether to… Continue reading The Three Books Every Woman Should Read Before Inauguration Day, No Matter Who You Voted For