Momni Milestones: Making Room to Grow

A month ago, I stood in front of 350 people, looking out at a Fashion Show that a dream team of coworkers and I had spent four months -- who am I kidding -- a whole year planning for. That Thursday I had opened the shop, sold last minute tickets to the show, taped line-up… Continue reading Momni Milestones: Making Room to Grow

Life in Blossom

Spring offers many opportunities. The chance to purge our closets, our lives, and our daily routines. The year is still young and the feeling of a beginning sits fresh and electric in the budding flowers. This might sound incredibly cheesy, or it just might sound like something you've been waiting to hear. Let Spring be… Continue reading Life in Blossom

Doble Ve Editorial Shoot

When it comes to photo shoots, I prefer to stay behind the shot. I'm considerably more comfortable directing a pose, styling a set, or making corny jokes to enhance candid laughing shots (Spoiler: it's exactly as awkward as it sounds). But every so often I get the inclination or offer to work on the other… Continue reading Doble Ve Editorial Shoot

Keep Yourself Company

I belong to a routine. Every morning I wake at seven, suffocate my cat with snuggles, pour water into my french press, sweep my hardwood floors, sit on my futon until eight, steam my face with coffee and catch up with myself. I need this time, and need it dearly; it feels hugely important to… Continue reading Keep Yourself Company

Getting to Know the Wilding Collective

I met with Becky Cardenas inside of Vagabond Coffee Co last week, in the heart of the Murray Hill neighborhood she's called home for almost nine years. She's long, lanky, and has an "it girl" quality that reminds me of someone between Hermione Granger studying in the library and Carrie Bradshaw asking me for a… Continue reading Getting to Know the Wilding Collective

Op-Ed Guide to Bridging the Divide

This week has been the hardest yet of my adult life. Not only because I'm a liberal or a woman, but because I am also a citizen of a divided country. While I've been personally outraged by the rhetoric and actions of the Trump administration, many of my peers have been outraged by me. And… Continue reading Op-Ed Guide to Bridging the Divide

Elle Woods Didn’t Wear Skinny Jeans and Neither Should You

Girls these days have an agenda. There are a few variations with the routes, but they all go something like this: look fabulous, kick ass, conquer the world. If you want a look as ambitious as your plans, you're going to have to venture out of the skinny jeans and cute nuetral blouse routine. The… Continue reading Elle Woods Didn’t Wear Skinny Jeans and Neither Should You