A MOMNI Holiday

  Photos by Stefanie Keeler. Writing and Styling by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Make up by Mary Kreis. Baked goods by Community Loaves.

Friendsgiving: Moral of the Story

There's something about Fall, about friendships, and about gatherings that feels a little like magic. Call me sentimental or what you will, but even in the commercialized Christmas frenzy that modern holidays have become, there's still the quintessential sense of kinship underneath all the Black Friday deals and mass produced stocking stuffers. It's the time… Continue reading Friendsgiving: Moral of the Story

Diary of a Tea Party: Part Two

My job is made a lot easier by the people I share it with. That includes both my team of talented and supportive coworkers as well as the many friends whose beauty I borrow for shoots on an almost weekly basis. Using models who we know and love to be marvelous people creates an ambiance… Continue reading Diary of a Tea Party: Part Two