Model Citizen

When I was offered a spot as a model in my favorite boutique’s second annual fashion show, it was like receiving my letter from Hogwarts. But as the day of the show approached, I became nervous, palpably so. I felt like I hadn’t prepared at all. The outfits had been chosen, sure. But was I… Continue reading Model Citizen

Model Q&A: Body Positivity

Q: What is your definition of the perfect body? A: I have thought about this question often because I used to tell myself, "when I have the perfect body, then I'll fully be confident." I think the perfect body is a body that you respect and a body that you take care of with diet… Continue reading Model Q&A: Body Positivity

Model Q&A: Dreams for Spring

Q: What's your favorite thing about Spring? Morgan: All the bright flowers everywhere. It makes me want to stay outside all day. Q:How does your wardrobe change for Spring? Morgan: I love bringing color back into my still after the neutral & dark winter styles. Lots of skirts, pumps, statement earrings, and bold colors this… Continue reading Model Q&A: Dreams for Spring

Elena Ohlander & the Life of the Creative

"I would say being a creative person has completely altered the path of my life. It's allowed me to be more open to saying 'yes' to things I am fearful of doing and my fear of vulnerability." A brave statement to open my interview with brave soul Elena Ohlander. A model, photographer, visual artist, and… Continue reading Elena Ohlander & the Life of the Creative

Model Spotlight: Michelle

What were your first thoughts about modeling when MOMNI approached you about a shoot? One of my first thoughts was that I was very flattered to even be considered to model for Momni. From a young age I always watched America’s Next Top Model and wanted to be a supermodel. So when I was approached,… Continue reading Model Spotlight: Michelle

BTS: Behind the Scenes & Back to School

Where will you be going back to school this Fall? Morgan: I'll be starting at Trinity Baptist College here in Jacksonville. I'll be playing soccer there so I've already met a bunch of girls on the team. Emily: I'm going to be a junior at Brewster Academy in New Hampshire. Your favorite book? M: I… Continue reading BTS: Behind the Scenes & Back to School