Dresses for the Endless Summer

Summer breezes are filling in, and with it come some of our sweetest styles yet. Momni's inventory is filled with one of a kind prints you won't find anywhere else. Shop them today in the shop or online! Photos by Stefanie Keeler.

Weekend Wearables

Brunch casuals, bridal shower styles, and everything in between. Get ready to weekend, and weekend in style, with our bright new summer collection. We're big into button downs, off-the-shoulders, and dainty florals this season, with looks as comfy as they are lovely. We're also introducing Momni denim, with the softest, coziest jeans you ever did… Continue reading Weekend Wearables

Everything You Need to Know About The Momni Fashion Show

If the fashion Show is half as beautiful as this shoot we put together for it, we'll all be enjoying an amazing night. You've seen all of the posts and posters across Jacksonville, and you're probably wondering what the big deal is. Well I'll tell you: this event is the blood, sweat, tears, laughter, and… Continue reading Everything You Need to Know About The Momni Fashion Show

The Romantics

The word "romantic" seems to be thrown around Spring fashion how-to's without much explanation. We'd like to clear up that "romantic" prints are not going to help you find a soulmate or gain any secret admirers. They're a sweet little genre of prints for your own enjoyment. Look for delicate florals, rich pastel tones, and… Continue reading The Romantics

Beauty & Bubbly: A MOMNI Valentine

On Sunday we shared a sweet little galentine's event with twenty-plus of our favorite customers. While we treated them to champagne, custom blooms from The Wilding Collective, styling, hair touch ups, a professional photo package, black sheep apps and Callie Marie cupcakes, they treated to us to seeing our dream in action. Gorgeous, impressive, kind… Continue reading Beauty & Bubbly: A MOMNI Valentine

Model Q&A: Dreams for Spring

Q: What's your favorite thing about Spring? Morgan: All the bright flowers everywhere. It makes me want to stay outside all day. Q:How does your wardrobe change for Spring? Morgan: I love bringing color back into my still after the neutral & dark winter styles. Lots of skirts, pumps, statement earrings, and bold colors this… Continue reading Model Q&A: Dreams for Spring

Fearless Fashion

The best fashion doesn't abide by rules. It's playful, fun, and fearless. This holiday, allow yourself some creativity by thinking outside the box. You can shop these spunky little looks in the shop or online with code DEC20 at http://www.momniboutique.com. Photos and writing by Mara Strobel-Lanka.