Best Laid Plans

Written by Anna Claire Hodge. Edited by Mara Strobel-Lanka. In the photo, I’m wearing unflattering overalls; my arms are thrust high in the air and light pours through the atrium of the dead mall. It’s not where I’d imagined spending our first anniversary, but my face was joyous and like a child’s. The movie Jide… Continue reading Best Laid Plans

Model Citizen

When I was offered a spot as a model in my favorite boutique’s second annual fashion show, it was like receiving my letter from Hogwarts. But as the day of the show approached, I became nervous, palpably so. I felt like I hadn’t prepared at all. The outfits had been chosen, sure. But was I… Continue reading Model Citizen

Putting a Ring On It

"So when are you getting engaged?" “We’re engaged!” “Great - when’s the wedding?” If my memory serves me correctly, my boyfriend and I dated for a whopping six months before people started asking if we were getting married. Everyone gets so excited to see someone else get engaged. They become so attached to the idea,… Continue reading Putting a Ring On It

The Same, (Sad) Sex Story

At 21, I interned at an alternative news weekly in Charleston, South Carolina. Though I was tasked with writing the blurbs and human interest stories that staff writers hated, it led to a gig as a columnist. On the magazine’s back page, nestled with ads for escorts and strip clubs, I was given space to… Continue reading The Same, (Sad) Sex Story

Approval Rating

As a child, I snuck into the kitchen when my parents had friends over. I’d cut bananas and apples, arrange them on a plate, and deliver it, saying “Would you like a fruit plate?” I was precocious and loved the attention. That continued for quite some time, and those impulses linger. Last week, I left… Continue reading Approval Rating

Style Evolution, Fairy Wands, & Dressing for Yourself

Shy. Demure. Indecisive. Reserved. These are words you will not find associated with my name in any definition of self. One thing you will find - confidence. I have it in spades. Sometimes to a fault, no doubt. My expression of style over the past three decades is no exception. I have gone confidently in… Continue reading Style Evolution, Fairy Wands, & Dressing for Yourself

Coping With Crop Tops: A Novice Fashionista Changes Her Narrative

The first time I wore a crop top, I was surrounded by my oldest friends on a Costa Rican vacation. Fueled by a little liquid bravery, I slipped on the shirt and waited. I’m not sure what I expected. Outrage? Congratulations? Instead, my friends kept playing cards and sipping Coronas because what I’d done was… Continue reading Coping With Crop Tops: A Novice Fashionista Changes Her Narrative