Summer to the Max(i)

When you live in a state where Summer's end means 80 instead of 90 degrees, you have to get creative with your transition wardrobe. The solution to our sweaty little puzzle? The maxi dress. Bohemian and breezy is the key to keeping cool and collected as the temp slides below 90 (thank God). Look for… Continue reading Summer to the Max(i)

Styles for an Endless Summer

Fall fashion is upon us, but for those of us living on the upside of 80, okay 90 degrees, "sweater weather" is all but unimaginable. Shop the boutique next door for summer pieces that'll endure the shifts in season and style. Writing and photos by Mara Strobel-Lanka. Modeled by Cheyenne and Chawnee Gulick.

Hustle & Style: Wise Words from Ari Gaskin

The thing about interviewing a woman as special as Jacksonville's Ari Gaskin, is that you don't have to search for content, you just kind of take notes while she glows in your direction. It's not the kind of glow that has you reaching for sunglasses and turning your back; it's an inviting, intersectional warmth that… Continue reading Hustle & Style: Wise Words from Ari Gaskin

Stripes: Timeless Trend to Love

Stripes are a girl's best friend. Vertical make you look thinner, horizontal give you curves. Versatile through any season, their flexibility has given them a rather beige reputation in fashion.  It's not their fault we've abused their good looks so lovingly, and it's time to revive this staple. Pair narrow with wide, diagonal with horizontal,… Continue reading Stripes: Timeless Trend to Love