Earrings have made a big name for themselves in fashion this year, and we ain't mad about it. From beads, to hoops, to tassels, there are so many ways to adorn an outfit with a perfect, eclectic touch. Find these styles and many more in the shop or online today! Photos by Stefanie Keeler.

Getting to Know the Wilding Collective

I met with Becky Cardenas inside of Vagabond Coffee Co last week, in the heart of the Murray Hill neighborhood she's called home for almost nine years. She's long, lanky, and has an "it girl" quality that reminds me of someone between Hermione Granger studying in the library and Carrie Bradshaw asking me for a… Continue reading Getting to Know the Wilding Collective

Network Like a Girl

2016 has been well, weird. It was a year of both fruitful personal growth, and global turmoil. For women, it's been especially trying. During a dividing political election and a heartbreaking streak of appalling news headlines, we've all experienced cycles of frustration, hysteria, and humbling humanity. I voted in my first presidential election, got promoted… Continue reading Network Like a Girl

Staff Notes: Mara

It was an itty bitty small world story that brought me aboard the MOMNI team a whole year ago now. One that taught me maybe, sometimes, the things that I couldn't explain in my life before happened exactly the way they were meant to. ┬áIt's mushy and gushy and totally true. How else could I… Continue reading Staff Notes: Mara

Mind of Marble & Pine

  One weekday spent styling an elegant bridal shoot, one coaching weightlifting, and one building bouquets for the luckiest brides in North Florida. That's a week in the life of Chandler Williams, owner and entrepreneur behind floral studio Marble&Pine. I sat down with her last week in Murray Hill's Knead Bakeshop to sip some lattes… Continue reading Mind of Marble & Pine